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DRSC/TRiP Functional Genomics Resources

UP-TORR - Updated Targets of RNAi Reagents



RNA interference (RNAi) is widely used for loss-of-function studies.The biological relevance of these studies depends on the appropriate mapping of reagents to genes. At first glance, matching RNAi reagents to genes appears to be a simple problem. One reagent is typically designed to target only one gene, but the reagent-gene relationship is complex. The sequences of things like the oligonucleotides used to generate RNAi reagents are static but the reference genome sequences and gene annotations are regularly updated. Thus, when a researcher chooses an RNAi reagent or analyzes data, the most current interpretation of the target and specificity of the RNAI reagent might have changed. UP-TORR provides accurate and up-to-date annotation of cell-based and in vivo RNAi reagents targeting Drosophila genes, including reagents from all major public collections (DRSC, DKFZ, NIG-Japan, VDRC and TRiP). UP-TORR can also provide up-to-date annotation for RNAi reagents targeting C. elegans, mouse or human genes (you will need to enter the reagent sequences).

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Hu Y, Roesel C, Flockhart I, Perkins L, Perrimon N, Mohr S. UP-TORR: Online Tool for Accurate and Up-to-Date Annotation of RNAi Reagents. Genetics. 2013 Sep;195(1):37-45. doi: 10.1534/genetics.113.151340. Epub 2013 Jun 21. PubMed Entry