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Entrez Gene ID: 35925

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Entrez Gene Id dataset id pubmed id tissue type dataset_name clusters expressing clusters of marker
35925 1 32162708 Blood WT PL-3, PL-Rel, PL-Pcd, PL-Inos, PL-vir1, PL-robo2, PL-0, PL-1, CC, PL-2, PL-AMP, LM-1, PL-Lsp, LM-2, PL-prolif -
35925 2 32162708 Blood wasp PL-Rel, PL-Inos, PL-3, PL-0, PL-robo2, PL-1, CC, PL-2, PL-prolif, PL-Pcd, PL-vir1, PL-AMP, PL-Lsp -
35925 3 31919193 Ovary low resolution FSCP, SW, TF, SH, IC, GC, CC -
35925 4 31851941 Intestine WT Enteroendocrine cells_10, Enteroendocrine cells_11, Enteroendocrine cells_4, Enteroendocrine cells_5, Enteroendocrine cells_8, Enteroendocrine cells_7, Enteroendocrine cells_3, Enteroendocrine cells_6, Enteroendocrine cells_2, Enteroendocrine cells_9, Enteroendocrine cells_1 -
35925 5 31746739 Brain WT Monoaminergic neurons, Neural progenitor cells 6, Neural progenitor cells 3, Glutamatergic neurons, Peptidergic neurons, Optic lobe epithelium 1, Cholinergic neurons 6, Cholinergic neurons 4, Corpora allata, Ring gland, Gut, Glial cells 1, Glia cells 3, GABAergic neurons, Neural progenitor cells 1, Cholinergic neurons 1, Neural progenitor cells 4, Cholinergic neurons 3, Cholinergic neurons 5, Neural progenitor cells 5, Undifferentiated neurons 1, Glia cells 2, Optic lobe epithelium 2, Glutamatergic/GABAergic neurons, Undifferentiated neurons 2, Mushroom Body, Hemocytes, Cholinergic neurons 2, Neural progenitor cells 2, Muscle cells -
35925 6 31746739 Brain starved Corpora allata/Ring gland/Gut, GABAergic neurons, C32, Glutamatergic neurons, Prothoracic gland, Glial cells, Monoaminergic neurons, Cholinergic neurons, Muscle cells, Neural progenitor cells, Hemocytes, Optic lobe epithelium, Undifferentiated neurons 1, Neurons X, Mushroom body, Peptidergic neurons -
35925 8 31915294 Intestine WT aEC2, AstC-EE, ISC/EB, NPF-EE, dEC, pEC3, AstA-EE, aEC1, pEC2, EC-like2, EC-like3, EC-like1, aEC4, unk2, mEC, unk1, LFC, aEC3, copper/iron, cardia, pEC1, others -
35925 12 32396065 Blood combined PM4, PM11, PM3, CC1, LM1, PM10, PM2, LM2, PM1, PM7, non-hemo, PM6, PM12, PM9, PM8, CC2, PM5 non-hemo , PM12 , PM6 , CC1
35925 13 31919193 Ovary high resolution GC, CC, SHa, TFp, FSCP, SW, TFa, SHm, IC -
35925 14 32162708 Blood combined PL-3, LM-1, CC, PL-prolif, LM-2, PL-Pcd, PL-vir1, PL-AMP, PL-0, PL-Lsp, PL-robo2, PL-Rel, PL-1, PL-Inos, PL-2 -
35925 15 31746739 Brain combined Muscle cells, C32, Optic lobe epithelium, Peptidergic neurons, GABAergic neurons, Glial cells, Undifferentiated neurons 2, Cholinergic neurons, Monoaminergic neurons, Undifferentiated neurons 1, Corpora allata/Ring gland/Gut, Glutamatergic neurons, Neurons X, Mushroom body, Prothoracic gland, Neural progenitor cells, Hemocytes -
35925 17 32396065 Blood wounded PM4, PM11, PM3, CC1, LM1, PM10, PM2, LM2, PM1, PM7, PM6, PM9, PM8, CC2, PM5 -
35925 18 32396065 Blood unwounded PM1, LM2, PM7, PM6, PM9, PM8, CC2, PM5, PM4, PM3, PM11, LM1, CC1, PM2, PM10 -
35925 19 32396065 Blood wasp infestation PM8, CC2, PM5, non-hemo, PM4, PM11, PM3, CC1, LM1, PM10, PM2, LM2, PM1, PM7, PM6, PM9 -
35925 54 30479347 eye disc combined other, EAB, PG, WG_SPG, DPE, VPE, EPR, LPR, ANT, MF, OCx, PPN, mutant_population, UND, HEMO, INT -
35925 55 30479347 eye disc combined_rbf OCx, PG, VPE, DPE, PPN, HEMO, INT, ANT, EPR, EAB, MF, other, mutant_population, LPR, UND, WG_SPG -
35925 56 30479347 eye disc combined_WT HEMO, INT, other, EAB, PG, WG_SPG, DPE, VPE, EPR, LPR, ANT, MF, OCx, PPN, mutant_population, UND -
35925 57 30479347 eye disc WT EPR, VPE, ANT, SMW, MF, other, INT, HEMO, PPN, WG+SPG, EAB, DPE, PG, OCx, UND, LPR -
35925 58 31418408 Testis all Hub cells, Late spermatogonia, Late spermatocytes, Early spermatids, Early spermatocytes, GSC, Early spermatogonia, Epithelial cells, Late spermatids, Cyst cells -
35925 59 29909982 Brain age_0 Unannotated Cluster 44, Unannotated Cluster49, Unannotated Cluster 9, Unannotated Cluster 0, Subperineurial Glia1, Unannotated Cluster 7, T4/T5, Unannotated Cluster55, Unannotated Cluster79, TmY14, Lawf2, a/b-KC Cluster28, dFB, Unannotated Cluster 3, T1, Hemocytes, Unannotated Cluster52, Tm1/TmY8, Clock neurons, Peptidergic, Astrocyte-like, Unannotated Cluster84, Unannotated Cluster74, Mi1, Unannotated Cluster32, Octopaminergic-Tyraminergic, Unannotated Cluster 4, Unannotated Cluster 34, Unannotated Cluster 68, Pm1/Pm2/Pm3, Unannotated Cluster54, Subperineurial Glia2, Unannotated Cluster 1, Unannotated Cluster 5, Pm1/Pm2, Unannotated Cluster63, Unannotated Cluster23, T2/T3, a/b-KC Cluster22, Unannotated Cluster 59, Unannotated Cluster 25, Unannotated Cluster21, Unannotated Cluster77, Unannotated Cluster47, Unannotated Cluster67, Photoreceptors, Unannotated Cluster 6, Unannotated Cluster2, Unannotated Cluster19, Unannotated Cluster40, Unannotated Cluster13, Dm8/Tm5c, G-KC, Unannotated Cluster 15, Unannotated Cluster69, Ensheathing glia2, Unannotated Cluster 50, Unannotated Cluster33, OPN: adPN and lPN, Unannotated Cluster 16, Lawf1, Tm9, Mt1, Unannotated Cluster 83, C2/C3, Poxn, Mip, Serotonergic, Unannotated Cluster78, Unannotated Cluster 30, Dopaminergic, Unannotated Cluster 75, L1/L2/L3/L4/L5 -
35925 60 29909982 Brain age_1 Unannotated Cluster 34, Pm1/Pm2, Cortex Glia, Unannotated Cluster 0, Dm8/Tm5c, Unannotated Cluster33, Ensheathing glia1, Unannotated Cluster 4, Unannotated Cluster32, Clock neurons, dFB, T1, Unannotated Cluster 6, Tm9, Chiasm Glia, a/b-KC Cluster28, Unannotated Cluster 62, Astrocyte-like, Unannotated Cluster 5, Unannotated Cluster 29, TmY14, Pm3, Unannotated Cluster 30, Unannotated Cluster 9, a/b-KC Cluster22, Lawf1, Peptidergic, Unannotated Cluster 68, Unannotated Cluster19, Unannotated Cluster21, Ensheathing glia2, Hemocytes, Unannotated Cluster 15, G-KC, Serotonergic, Unannotated Cluster 25, T2/T3, Unannotated Cluster84, Unannotated Cluster69, Dopaminergic, T4/T5, Unannotated Cluster 83, Unannotated Cluster78, Unannotated Cluster74, Unannotated Cluster 1, Mt1, Mi1, Unannotated Cluster2, Unannotated Cluster56, Subperineurial Glia2, Unannotated Cluster 44, Octopaminergic-Tyraminergic, OPN: adPN and lPN, Unannotated Cluster 3, L1/L2/L3/L4/L5, Unannotated Cluster 59, C2/C3, Unannotated Cluster49, Unannotated Cluster55, Unannotated Cluster 16, Unannotated Cluster54, Photoreceptors, Unannotated Cluster23, Poxn, Tm5ab, Unannotated Cluster47, Mip, Unannotated Cluster67, Unannotated Cluster13, Pm1/Pm2/Pm3, Tm1/TmY8, Unannotated Cluster52 -
35925 61 29909982 Brain age_3 Tm1/TmY8, Unannotated Cluster 34, TmY14, Clock neurons, Unannotated Cluster79, L1/L2/L3/L4/L5, Unannotated Cluster 68, Unannotated Cluster 44, Unannotated Cluster52, Astrocyte-like, Unannotated Cluster 30, Poxn, MBON, Serotonergic, Unannotated Cluster 6, Unannotated Cluster 50, Unannotated Cluster55, Unannotated Cluster 5, Unannotated Cluster47, Subperineurial Glia1, Dm8/Tm5c, Ensheathing glia1, Unannotated Cluster76, Pm1/Pm2/Pm3, Unannotated Cluster 0, Lawf2, Photoreceptors, Unannotated Cluster78, Unannotated Cluster 29, Mt1, Unannotated Cluster 25, Unannotated Cluster 4, Unannotated Cluster81, Unannotated Cluster67, Dopaminergic, Peptidergic, Unannotated Cluster13, Unannotated Cluster49, G-KC, T4/T5, Unannotated Cluster 16, Tm5ab, Unannotated Cluster 1, Unannotated Cluster74, Unannotated Cluster 59, Unannotated Cluster19, Tm9, Mip, Hemocytes, Perineurial glia, Unannotated Cluster33, OPN: adPN and lPN, T2/T3, Unannotated Cluster40, Pm1/Pm2, Unannotated Cluster2, Cortex Glia, Unannotated Cluster54, Unannotated Cluster 71, Lawf1, T1, Unannotated Cluster32, Unannotated Cluster63, a/b-KC Cluster28, Unannotated Cluster 15, Unannotated Cluster 9, Unannotated Cluster69, Pm3, Unannotated Cluster21, Unannotated Cluster 7, C2/C3, Unannotated Cluster 62, Unannotated Cluster 3, Mi1, Octopaminergic-Tyraminergic, dFB -
35925 62 29909982 Brain age_6 Peptidergic, Pm1/Pm2, G-KC, Unannotated Cluster81, Unannotated Cluster49, Unannotated Cluster13, Unannotated Cluster 68, Astrocyte-like, Hemocytes, Unannotated Cluster 5, L1/L2/L3/L4/L5, Ensheathing glia1, Unannotated Cluster 9, Unannotated Cluster 4, Unannotated Cluster23, Pm3, Clock neurons, Unannotated Cluster 7, Unannotated Cluster40, Unannotated Cluster 44, Unannotated Cluster 1, a/b-KC Cluster28, Unannotated Cluster21, Unannotated Cluster 6, Tm5ab, Lawf1, Mip, Unannotated Cluster2, Unannotated Cluster 83, T2/T3, Unannotated Cluster19, Perineurial glia, Unannotated Cluster74, OPN: adPN and lPN, Unannotated Cluster 0, Unannotated Cluster52, Unannotated Cluster84, dFB, Unannotated Cluster78, Subperineurial Glia1, Dopaminergic, Unannotated Cluster 71, C2/C3, Unannotated Cluster 34, Unannotated Cluster 29, Tm9, Unannotated Cluster 30, Octopaminergic-Tyraminergic, MBON, Unannotated Cluster32, Unannotated Cluster54, Unannotated Cluster 15, Unannotated Cluster55, Lawf2, Unannotated Cluster47, Unannotated Cluster67, Unannotated Cluster 59, a/b-KC Cluster22, Mi1, Unannotated Cluster33, Unannotated Cluster 16, Serotonergic, Unannotated Cluster 50, Photoreceptors, Unannotated Cluster63, TmY14, Poxn, Dm8/Tm5c, Pm1/Pm2/Pm3, T4/T5, Unannotated Cluster 62, Unannotated Cluster 3, Mt1, T1, Unannotated Cluster69 -
35925 63 29909982 Brain age_9 Unannotated Cluster69, Unannotated Cluster55, Pm1/Pm2, Unannotated Cluster2, Unannotated Cluster63, Mi1, T1, Unannotated Cluster74, Lawf1, T4/T5, a/b-KC Cluster28, Unannotated Cluster56, Tm5ab, Unannotated Cluster 50, DN1, Unannotated Cluster 0, Unannotated Cluster 62, Cortex Glia, Unannotated Cluster13, T2/T3, Peptidergic, Unannotated Cluster 15, Unannotated Cluster49, Unannotated Cluster 16, Unannotated Cluster 59, Hemocytes, Astrocyte-like, Unannotated Cluster 1, Unannotated Cluster78, Unannotated Cluster 5, Unannotated Cluster40, Dopaminergic, Ensheathing glia1, Unannotated Cluster32, Unannotated Cluster 68, Perineurial glia, Pm1/Pm2/Pm3, G-KC, Unannotated Cluster 4, dFB, Unannotated Cluster 3, L1/L2/L3/L4/L5, a/b-KC Cluster22, Subperineurial Glia1, Mip, Unannotated Cluster33, Unannotated Cluster21, Tm9, Unannotated Cluster 9, Unannotated Cluster 6, Octopaminergic-Tyraminergic, Unannotated Cluster19, Tm1/TmY8, OPN: adPN and lPN, Unannotated Cluster 29, Serotonergic, MBON, Unannotated Cluster 7, Unannotated Cluster 30, Unannotated Cluster54, TmY14, Dm8/Tm5c, Unannotated Cluster 44 -
35925 64 29909982 Brain age_15 Unannotated Cluster84, Unannotated Cluster 4, Photoreceptors, Unannotated Cluster 15, MBON, Unannotated Cluster2, Astrocyte-like, Unannotated Cluster 50, Unannotated Cluster 62, Unannotated Cluster 44, Unannotated Cluster56, Unannotated Cluster 34, Dm8/Tm5c, G-KC, Subperineurial Glia2, Unannotated Cluster 30, TmY14, Lawf1, Unannotated Cluster69, Unannotated Cluster23, Hemocytes, Pm1/Pm2/Pm3, Unannotated Cluster 6, Clock neurons, Lawf2, Serotonergic, Pm1/Pm2, Unannotated Cluster54, Unannotated Cluster78, Dopaminergic, Peptidergic, Unannotated Cluster 16, Pm3, L1/L2/L3/L4/L5, Unannotated Cluster32, Unannotated Cluster13, Unannotated Cluster 1, dFB, Unannotated Cluster 29, Mip, a/b-KC Cluster28, Unannotated Cluster 3, Subperineurial Glia1, Unannotated Cluster 9, Octopaminergic-Tyraminergic, OPN: adPN and lPN, Unannotated Cluster 5, T2/T3, Ensheathing glia1, Unannotated Cluster21, Unannotated Cluster 0 -
35925 65 29909982 Brain age_30 Unannotated Cluster69, OPN: adPN and lPN, Pm1/Pm2, Unannotated Cluster52, Unannotated Cluster 6, Unannotated Cluster 5, C2/C3, Unannotated Cluster21, Unannotated Cluster 29, Unannotated Cluster19, Mip, Cortex Glia, a/b-KC Cluster28, Unannotated Cluster77, Dopaminergic, Unannotated Cluster 1, Unannotated Cluster78, Unannotated Cluster 15, Unannotated Cluster56, Unannotated Cluster2, Pm1/Pm2/Pm3, Tm9, Unannotated Cluster 44, Unannotated Cluster 75, Dm8/Tm5c, Ensheathing glia1, Tm5ab, Unannotated Cluster47, Unannotated Cluster 34, Unannotated Cluster54, Unannotated Cluster 62, Unannotated Cluster40, Unannotated Cluster55, Unannotated Cluster33, Unannotated Cluster 50, Subperineurial Glia1, G-KC, Octopaminergic-Tyraminergic, MBON, TmY14, Unannotated Cluster 9, Unannotated Cluster84, Serotonergic, Photoreceptors, Mt1, T4/T5, Unannotated Cluster 0, Lawf2, Unannotated Cluster 59, Unannotated Cluster 3, Unannotated Cluster 30, Clock neurons, Perineurial glia, Unannotated Cluster 71, T2/T3, Unannotated Cluster32, Pm3, Unannotated Cluster 16, Unannotated Cluster 4, a/b-KC Cluster22, Peptidergic, Astrocyte-like, Unannotated Cluster74, Hemocytes, Tm1/TmY8, Mi1, T1, Unannotated Cluster13, Poxn -
35925 66 29909982 Brain age_50 Unannotated Cluster 30, Perineurial glia, Unannotated Cluster 6, Clock neurons, Unannotated Cluster 16, Unannotated Cluster84, Unannotated Cluster 25, Unannotated Cluster40, Unannotated Cluster13, Unannotated Cluster 68, Mip, Subperineurial Glia1, Dm8/Tm5c, Unannotated Cluster 15, Chiasm Glia, Cortex Glia, Unannotated Cluster 5, Pm1/Pm2/Pm3, Unannotated Cluster69, OPN: adPN and lPN, Unannotated Cluster 1, Pm3, Astrocyte-like, Peptidergic, Unannotated Cluster2, Octopaminergic-Tyraminergic, Unannotated Cluster 59, Hemocytes, Photoreceptors, Unannotated Cluster56, Pm1/Pm2, Ensheathing glia1, TmY14, L1/L2/L3/L4/L5, a/b-KC Cluster28, Unannotated Cluster 3, Unannotated Cluster 0, Unannotated Cluster 83, Unannotated Cluster 44, Mi1, Unannotated Cluster 4, G-KC -
35925 76 32339165 Ovary all FSC/pre-Follicle Cells, Vitellogenic MBFCs (Stg. 9-10A) 1, Choriogenic MBFCs (Stg. 12), Vitellogenic MBFCs (Stg. 9-10A) 3, Stretched Cells 3, Terminal Corpus Luteum Cells 1, Stretched Cells 1, Post-Mitotic Follicle Cells (Stg. 6-8), Oviduct Cells, Terminal Corpus Luteum Cells 2, Germline Cluster 1, Hemocytes, Adipocytes, Vitellogenic MBFCs (Stg. 8) 4, Mitotic Follicle Cells (Stg. 1-5), Muscle Sheath Cells, Somatic Cells in the Germarium, Choriogenic MBFCs (Stg. 14) 1, Germline Cluster 2, Choriogenic MBFCs (Stg. 10B), Choriogenic MBFCs (Stg. 14) 2, Stretched Cells 2, Vitellogenic MBFCs (Stg. 8) 3, Terminal Follicle Cells, Main Body-Derived Corpus Luteum Cells, Vitellogenic MBFCs (Stg. 8) 1, Polar Cells, Vitellogenic MBFCs (Stg. 9-10A) 2, Stalk Cells, Vitellogenic MBFCs (Stg. 8) 2, Centripetal and Border Cells, Dorsal Appendage Forming Follicle Cells -
35925 84 32900993 Lymph gland merged Neurons, PH, PSC, DV, Adipohemocyte, GST-rich, CC, LM, RG, PM -
35925 85 32900993 Lymph Gland 72hr Neurons, PH, PSC, Adipohemocyte, GST-rich, CC, RG, PM -
35925 86 32900993 Lymph Gland 96hr CC, LM, RG, PM, Neurons, PH, PSC, DV, Adipohemocyte, GST-rich -
35925 87 32900993 Lymph Gland 120hr GST-rich, CC, LM, RG, PM, PH, PSC, Adipohemocyte -
35925 93 33159074 Ovary all 2.1.0 stretch cell 6-7, 2.2.0 cent. MB 8, 3.2.0 stalk cell, 2.1.1 stretch cell 8+, 3.0.1 early pFC, 2.2.2 hemocyte, 5 muscle cell, 2.2.3 post. MB 8, 3.2.1 polar cell, 2.0 cent. MB 6-7, 3.1.0 post. EC, 3.0.0 late pFC, 3.0.1 FSC, 0 MB 2-5, TF, 1 ant./cent. MB 5-6, 3.1.1 cent. EC, 2.3.0 post. MB 5-6, 4.1 older germ cell, 2.1.0 border cell, 2.3.1 post. MB 7, 4.0 undif. germ cell, 4.0 GSC, 2.2.1 MB 9+, ant. EC 2.2.2 hemocyte
35925 95 31455604 Wing disc all Undefined/Trachea, Peripodial Membrane, Myoblast, Notum, Pouch&Hinge -
35925 98 32487456 Blood all Ppn+ plasmatocyte, Lsp+ plasmatocyte, Lamellocyte, Crystal_cell, CAH7+ plasmatocyte, Thanacyte, Reservoir plasmatocyte, Primocyte -
35925 107 32815271 Wing disc merged Epi_9, Epi_3, DFM_2, PM_1, Epi_1, ES_3, Epi_15, Epi_10, ES_1, IFM_3, Epi_7, Epi_5, Epi_2, PM_2, IFM_2, Epi_13, IFM_4, Epi_14, IFM_1, Epi_4, Trachea_2, Epi_16, IFM_5, Trachea_1, ES_2, DFM_1 -
35925 120 32815271 Wing disc Notum Epi_7, Epi_5, Epi_2, PM_2, IFM_2, Epi_13, IFM_4, Epi_14, IFM_1, Epi_4, Trachea_2, IFM_5, Epi_16, Trachea_1, DFM_1, ES_2, Epi_9, Epi_3, DFM_2, PM_1, Epi_1, ES_3, Epi_15, Epi_10, ES_1, IFM_3 -