RNAi Stock Validation & Phenotypes


  • Nov 2020: Imported about 85,000 data points from about 40 publications of high-throughput RNAi screen curated by DRSC/TRiP staffs
  • Nov 2020: Updated FlyBase phenotype annotation (current version: FB2020_5): ~16,000 RNAi & sgRNA stocks and ~ 50000 data points
  • Sep 2019: Updated FlyBase phenotype annotation (current version: FB2019_4): ~20,000 RNAi & sgRNA stocks and ~ 60000 data points
  • March 2019: Imported about 2000 data points from Publication "genetic screen using the Drosophila melanogaster TRiP RNAi collection to identify metabolic enzymes required for eye development"

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