RNAi Stock Validation & Phenotypes


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CG:CG15321, CG15319
FBgn: FBgn0261617
Gene: nejire
Collection: TRiP Line ID: JF02806
BDSC ID: 27724
Vector: VALIUM10 Insertion Site: attP2
Validation Test Results hide
Driver:y w; Dmef2.R-Gal4
Driver BDSC: 27390
Contributor(s): Perrimon and Randklev, 2013, unpublished data.
Phenotype Results:
  • Penetrance: 100%
  • Phenotype: Early pupal lethal
  • Temperature (°C): 27.0
Driver:y w; UAS-dcr2; nanos-Gal4
Driver BDSC: 25751
Contributor(s): Dong Yan and Ralph Neumuller, 2013
Reference: Yan D et al., 2014PubMed Entry
Phenotype Results:
  • Phenotype: no phenotype, grows to adulthood
  • Temperature (°C): 27.0
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