DIOPT - DRSC Integrative Ortholog Prediction Tool

Version 8 (Aug 2019)
Details of this tool are published in Hu, et. al.

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DIOPT ScoreWeighted ScoreRankBest ScoreBest Score ReversePrediction Derived FromAlignment & ScoresFeedbackGene
1 FBgn0051040 43547 FBgn0051040 Cog7 Human 91949 18622 COG7 ENSG00000168434 14 13.8 high Yes Yes Compara, eggNOG, Hieranoid, Homologene, Inparanoid, OMA, OrthoDB, OrthoFinder, OrthoInspector, orthoMCL, Panther, Phylome, RoundUp, TreeFam
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