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Welcome to the Drosophila RNAi Screening Center (DRSC)

Now at the DRSC:

The DRSC facilitates genome-wide and related cell-based screening at our state-of-the-art facility. Since our beginnings in 2003, we have successfully guided screeners through the process, including help with assay development and optimization, data and image analysis, and planning of follow-up assays. Screens performed at the DRSC have resulted in an impressive number of publications on a wide range of topics in high-profile journals.

Why screen at the DRSC?

+ Cost-effective screening. Reagent generation, staff support and equipment are grant subsidized. Thus screening at the DRSC costs a fraction of what it would cost to do an equivalent screen at your own institution. Moreover, whole-genome screens in Drosophila are much less expensive than equivalent screens in mammalian cells.

+ Technology transfer. While doing a sub-library or genome-wide screen on-site, you have access to our expert staff. We will assist with efficient screening, data analysis, use of our state-of-the-art equipment, follow-up assays and more.

+ In-house designed genome-wide and other libraries. By doing your screen at the DRSC, you will be able to use our in-house designed and produced DRSC 2.0 and sub-libraries for screening. These were designed for minimal chance of off-target effects by applying the most up-to-date bioinformatics rules.

+ Proven track-record of success. Screens performed at the DRSC have resulted in a large number of publications in high-profile journals. These include studies using primary cells (muscle and neurons), screens done in fly cells with follow-up in mammalian systems, studies of host-pathogen interactions and much more.

+ Relevance to mammalian systems. More and more, researchers are using a Drosophila genome-wide screen as an entry-point to understanding conserved pathways, genes and events in mammalian cells. Click for an overview and references.

Evotec Opera Microscope
High-Throughput Imaging
Tissue Culture Hood
Drosophila Cell Culture
Licor Aerius
Low-Content Readouts

Several Assay Types Supported

The DRSC supports Drosophila cell line and primary cell-based assays with the following read-outs (fully automated, 384-well format):

  • Luminescence (e.g. firefly or Renilla luciferase)
  • Fluorescence (e.g. GFP)
  • One or Two-Color In-Cell Westerns (antibodies required)
  • Protein-to-Cell Normalized protein level quantitation (antibodies required)
  • High-Content Imaging (Fluorescence, Non-confocal)
  • High-Content Imaging (Fluorescence, Confocal)

Please see the Assays page for a complete overview.

This website was designed to help you to learn more about our facility, reagents and services; data and publications from past screens performed at the DRSC; and cell-based screening in Drosophila more generally. Please fee free to contact the Director for confidential discussion of your screening plans or if you have any questions.